Why the iPhone would bomb in India

Filed Under (Business) by Rajesh Kumar on 22-08-2008

I am being a little audacious in making an emphatic pronouncement on something that has got an amazing hype in India in last few days. But somehow all the hype does not  generate any great confidence in likelihood of  Apple iPhone being any great success in India. Here’s why I feel so:

  1. Of course, the price, it is obscene(NDTV’s Vikram Chandra felt it was only ‘slightly expensive’ though!).
  2. SMS is important for Indian mobile users, unlike the US where it is possible to come across many business executives who do not  use SMS. The iPhone is not crafted for heavy SMS usage
  3. Yes, I know iPhone is not a  phone for business executives, but then that’s another reason in favour of my argument.
  4. Far superior cameras are available in phones in 15 K range.
  5. We do not love buying digital music so much. If we want, it is generally available,you know what I mean. iTunes what?
  6. Operator bundling militates against our nature. In a city like Chennai and most part of India, we have three to four GSM service providers. It makes us feel lot of freedom and surrendering that choice does not go with our nature, it is all in the mind.
  7. iPhone versus iPhone- Bunty can buy the iPhone in Amrika, get it unlocked on the corner-shop and use it in Patiala. Hello, Bunty is already using it- Why should he pay so much more to buy from India? And he can use it with any operator.Can Apple handle this channel conflict without relooking at the price?
  8. Timing wise, August is not the time Indians are in great mood to spend big monies. That happens to be Diwali and around.That’s when the best launches tend to work. 
  9. Apple is otherwise pretty much unknown commodity in India. Apple? 
  10. 3G? No comments.


Did not surprise me that there are no pictures of any queues outside stores last night. BTW, do you agree with the above?

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