Why free coffee will not increase voter turnout in India!

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While Tata Tea campaigns for voter enlistment, Starbucks has an unambiguous offer – vote on Nov 4 and get free coffee. If someone needs to have a similar campaign in India, she needs to have a region specific differentiated strategy:

  • * Bihar – Free khaini for those who prefer. Chai in a chukkad for others.[Khaini = powdered tobacco]


  • * UP – Free paan, make it Banarasi patti


  • * Gujarat – Gutkha unlimited [Gutkha = flavoured masala, eaten raw]


  • * TN – Filter coffee in tumbler. You must not replace this tumbler with a cup.


  • * Rajasthan – Butter milk in a BIG glass


  • * Haryana – Butter milk in a still bigger glass, preferably made of brass




  • * MP- Pohe with jalebi, wrapped in a dona


  • * West Bengal: Just another place to talk. Maybe an adda. 


The list can go on. As you can see, a common strategy does not work across regions in India. That perhaps explains why we have a coalition powered by several parties!

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