Two Months onto WordPress and a Metapost

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I ventured onto WordPress on June 28. Too months onto this platform(and URL), I observe the following:

  1. This site has started to get interesting traffic via search. In fact, on a good day it compares significantly with the Blogger blog.Yeh Dil Maange More
  2. Looks do matter: Comments per post have increased, this could possibly not be attributed to any sudden enhancement in my content abilities.
  3. ‘Setup and forget it’ does not work with WP. WP keeps releasing better versions.Compulsive delivery syndrome? Code Diarrhea ? I think I can bear it.

Some reflections on my past posts on Blogger.

  1. My posts on Subroto Bagchi and  Mahesh Murthy continue to get  fairly good number of visitors everyday. But overall winner by a great margin is Dr Abdul Kalam, about him I have written five posts, including one on an imaginary conversation between Dr Kalam and (former) President Musharraf which for some reason is my favourite.
  2. My moment of real blogging happiness was when Shel Israel left a comment on a post I made on his (and Rob Scoble’s) book.

Net net I remain quite delighted  with WP and the flexibility. I continue to mentally debate if I should move all content to this platform and ditch the old site completely. Any suggestions?

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