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The No-Goog Experiment Outcome

Written by Rajesh Kumar on June 8, 2009 – 12:58 am

As I write this, I wonder whether I should call this as outcome or observations - it surely wouldn’t meet my wife’s scientific observation standards (But then which husband or his work has met his wife’s standards anyway?!).

I mentally had the list of Google services I was using, but when I make a list, I find it has a long tail.

  1. Google Search: Very often, several times a day.
  2. Gmail: At least two times a day, more on weekends.
  3. GApps Mail: Same as Gmail
  4. Google Calendar: That reminds me when to pay the school fee and wish non Facebook contacts birthdays, though I am still very bad at it. See the mail alert daily. It comes in the morning.
  5. Blogger: Ocassionally photoblog.
  6. Google Reader: Is usually open, esp on weekends.
  7. Google News: Several times a day.
  8. Picasa:Multiple times a week. I love playing with my camera.
  9. Feedburner: For those who follow this blog via feeds, the rendering is by Feedburner, which is now part of the great G.
  10. Webmaster tools: Ocassionally I do login to check for any indexing issues on my blog.
  11. Adsense: Never made any real money but runs on my blogs nevertheless.
  12. Google Maps: I find myself using it on my phone few times a month(mostly to boast about my phone!)
  13. Google Earth: When someone invites me to a new part of town, I surely look it up.
  14. Chrome: Tried and hated. Uninstalled.
  15. And how do I forget this - YouTube - we love tuning into Bollywood movie songs here. Couple of times a month.
I endured the two days without using Google for any of the searches. Yahoo! and Bing seem to do a good job of it. My problems started with time-zone computation. Before I made a call to London, I just typed ‘Time in London’ in Yahoo!. It gave me lot of answers, except telling the time. Would be a different response with Google.
By evening of first day, I was back to Google News. It has no alternative. Especially when you have just few seconds of time between things to catch up all things significant.
I managed to avoid Google Maps of Google Earth completely. Not even when I was about to go to a friend’s house first time. He simply smsed me lengthy directions. It worked. I would have switched on Google Maps immediately, if I had found any direction related problems.
And then there was Gmail. Because of long usage, it has just so much of information linkages in that I could do without it only for one day. Second day, I received an sms alert from my daughter’s school that effectively said please check your mail, we have sent a communication. End of the experiment.
The results were simple. My web usage mix is such that I cannot live without Google. I am highly dependent on it. Quite a bit of that dependency seemsĀ irreplaceable without some pain of going and looking for alternatives. Bing is nice, stand alone competition to Google search, but the Microsoft (or any other) web ecosystem has not yet become so mainstream and well known that we can think of them that way. Period.

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One Comment to “The No-Goog Experiment Outcome”

  1. Shrinidhi HandeNo Gravatar Says:

    hmm… sometimes we should try living without computers and mobile altogether

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