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Sourav Ganguly Retires, Is Mamata taking any hint?

Written by Rajesh Kumar on October 9, 2008 – 7:25 am

First the similarities:

  • Both hail from the state of West Bengal .
  • Both have a connection with the masses.
  • Sourav floored the Lords, Mamata floored the Lords too.
  • Both are all over TV.
  • Both are in and out of the team.
  • Both have the grit to take the opponents head on.


But then there are differences:

  • Sourav is a sportsman, Mamata is a politician.
  • One brought laurels to the country, the other brought, well, how do you spell s-h-a-m-e?
  • People switch channels to see one and switch channels to avoid the other.
  • You buy ticket to watch one, and buy (train) ticket to escape seeing another.
  • Both are winners. But one led an Indian team against foreign teams, the other led a team against Indians.
  • One feels slighted, the other slights others. 
  • When Sourav wins, India wins. When Mamta wins, well, you guessed it right.


Ganguly dada has announced his retirement. Is Mamta didi taking any hints here? Wish some people could give their country this small little precious gift.

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3 Comments to “Sourav Ganguly Retires, Is Mamata taking any hint?”

  1. VikasNo Gravatar Says:

    Rajesh sir, Love to see your blogs. Amazing points u get across. This is again a very good one

  2. Nalin VashisthaNo Gravatar Says:

    Every single person I meet hates Mamta after this incident…
    she never had the intention to help the poor farmers….she is a shame to the country.

  3. Rajesh KumarNo Gravatar Says:

    Have you checked with Mr Modi? I personally feel, he must be highly indebted to her sagacity in directing investment into Gujarat. Maybe she will get some state award as well :)

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