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Short One on Chetan Bhagat

Written by Rajesh Kumar on June 7, 2009 – 11:54 pm

True to the promise in the title,  I would keep this one short. While driving yesterday, I was wondering what’s the matter that Chetan Bhagat is a rage in today’s youth - even among those, who do not read anything on an ongoing  basis. I see his books with college students, trainees level folks, folks in diverse professions who are just a few years into their career, and even with some  ’senior citizens’ like me.

After resisting considerably, I read one of his books - The Three Mistakes of My Life.  It has a historical backdrop, relfections of aspirations, drama, love, religion,turmoil, success and failures all seamlessly intervoven in a fast readable storyline. In fact, you do not even realize when he jumps from one to another aspect and still manages to keep the story alive. 

If you haven’t read anything in a while now, I think its time you did. Even suggest that if you travel frequently, you cannot have a better contemporary company. That’s why I am even classifying this post in ‘Business Books’

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