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Sholay, Satyam and the Sardar

Written by Rajesh Kumar on January 25, 2009 – 8:35 am

I completely refrain from commenting on my workplace matters on this space but in the last fortnight have been absolutely bombarded from friends asking how I felt at  the corporate governance scandal at Satyam. When I tell them that I felt bad, some of friends feel quite disappointed. “You mean you are just feeling bad? You must be quite devastated, buddy”, some of them suggest helpfully. Others probe even further.

How does wife feel?

She’s alright.

And parents?

They’re supportive.

And how about in-laws?

They are calm?

What does your brother say? Is his company hiring?

I have not asked him and he has not told me.

And what are you doing about it?

Haven’t thought about it. Just came back from work.

Work? You mean you still have, mmmmm………..

At this point I cut them off. Can I call you later? I am rushing to a party.

Party? You have to hear the shock from the other side. As if gangrene has been discovered in my limbs and I am shaking a leg in party instead of wailing in pain inside an ICU.

I see the possibility of Sholay inspired dialogue sequence on this episode. This goes to all my friends.

Arre O Samba?

Ji Sardar.

Kitne Aadmi the?

Teen Sardar.

Teen, kewal teen?

Ji Sardar?

Woh Teen aur tum tirpan hazaar! Woh teen aur tum tirpan hazaar?!

Sharm aani chahiye. 

Ji Sardar.

Kitna Inam rakhe hain sarkar

Saat Hajaar Karore.

Saat Hajaar Karore?

Woh teen aur tum tirpan hazaar.Fir bhi kha gaye. Poora ka poora.

Ha. Ha. Ha.Ha.Ha

(And the Sardar drops dead in anguished laughter.  Compounded by his worthlessness and despair in only a pachis hajaar bounty on his head. R.I.P.)

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14 Comments to “Sholay, Satyam and the Sardar”

  1. upendra Says:

    Good to see ur sense of humor still intact, looking forward to a few more versions along this theme…

  2. gorai Says:

    Demo – great to see keeping you your sense of humor in such times – that’s like a man

  3. Amit Says:

    There are different kinds of people in this world.People who caused Satyam damage but there are also people who do not understand that most of the Satyam employee are victim and were in company on their own merit. This phase is temporary and soon all of them will even come out even stronger.
    Already you must me getting plenty of free suggestion but keep doing the things which you are convienced off or feel right.


  4. asitk Says:

    usually I am too lazy to leave comments.But this one is so well thought of and so hilarious and being in the same boat I couldn’t resist leaving a comment. Let’s expand the sholay episode.

  5. Vikram Says:

    That was excellent, Rajesh.

    First of all its been a long time since we last spoke, I have moved to New Jersey.
    I really appreciate the fact that you can laugh at the whole situation.

    Best of luck and keep in touch.

  6. Ritul Says:

    Great sense of humour Demo. Cheers, RS

  7. Mamta Says:

    Good one! I have always loved your sense of humor. Keep up the good spirits.

  8. Neha Says:

    Its nice to read these articles at such times. Kepp the good work going. Presantly I also have been going through these bugging moments. Nice I’ll forward to all my frens, of course not to offend them :-) .

  9. Alok Singh Says:

    Rajesh ji,

    Its really frustating answering to the same questions.

  10. Rajeev Says:

    ha ha ha.. !! Nice take Rajeshji.. :) . Really innovative.. :D

  11. Chethan Says:

    Hey Buddy…. that’s cool!! I would say in the current scenario, it’s like a viral fever. You recover from one and people around will spread another!

    Like in Sholay, I daily pray to God to give me that strength (enough of courage is loaded already) to take a role to transform this organisation in uprooting the weeds and spread a beautiful garden for the innocent people around here.

    Take care….


  12. Salini Says:

    Hey Rajesh

    Good one:-) Itz nice to see you have written down what we are hearing day in and out from everyone everywhere when we say we are satyamites. Hope we come out of this successfully:-)



  13. sara Says:

    Sardar chup kyun ho gaya – blog par sannata kyun hai?

  14. Srinath Says:

    Great Humor

    The world is full of people who get happiness in your troubles.

    Look why slumdog is doing well:)

    atb mate.

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