Nostradamus for this financial crisis is an open position

Filed Under (People) by Rajesh Kumar on 09-10-2008

Behind every crisis is a position of fame called the man who predicted it. And when they find the man, all journals of the world ( including blogs) begin self slapping and then giving undue coverage to the newly discovered predictor. Even me and you feel like big idiots for not having followed the man, who knew something that we didn’t.

In the last international crisis, that fame went to ‘Oil Bull’ Arjun Murti, who is rumored to have known that the oil prices would rise and had spoken about it, and before the oil prices actually rose to USD 150, his words were treated as gas. There was an added aura too, saying Arjun Murti does not do photographs. Nadeem Walayat of Market Oracle ‘predicted’ the 1987 stock market crash. Read his account here.With current current financial crisis, it is only a matter of time when an authentic looking messiah would appear in TV studios all over the world and declare he-told-us-so. Newspapers would fall at his feet for a two minute interaction, which in print would appear in no less than sixty cc interaction, added helpfully be a KBK graphic. The subject of his PhD thesis would suddenly appear so relevant that his PhD advisor would  feel absolutely dumb for not having read student’s thesis and as a consequence, sold of his shares in favour of Gold. I mean it will all appear so logical that in a matter of days his book would appear in bookshelves at all airport bookshops.

Meanwhile, I am just waiting in ambush to slap myself.  And mark my words.

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