My Upcoming No Goog Experiment

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For the last few days, my hands are itching to do some self-experimentation. In particular, my interest is in seeing how much I can break my ‘set’ routine into something new. It is also quite strange, because few years back I used to yearn for a routine.

My day usually becomes when a half-sleepy me, presses the PC button and while it loads, check personal mail on my phone (Mind you, not a Blackberry, but a Sony K790i). I find that my mails come on a service called Gmail. Next, I start Firefox and fire the Feedreader, which is by a company called Google. Incidentally, while the feedreader loads, I find myself looking at the cricket, holiday and birthdays calenders, on a service which has a Google prefix too. I then check my mails coming onto my B-School alumni email id, which is hosted by GApps. Yes, from the same company with a capital G that was founded by Messers Larry and Sergei. 

In the course of the day, I look-up the web for anything from the mundane to the sundry such as data on a company, weather, stocks, timezones and unit conversions. I find that almost without a thought, I use the same G company as the starting point. Quite a few times, it is also the end point.

Here’s the experiment. I would not use any G product on Thursday and Friday and see if  I can still have a sensible life. It means I could be missing wishing some of my family members or friend’s birthday or anniversary.(It also means that I would probably find more time for Facebook). No I am not even using Orkut next two days for reasons you understood right! 

The reason for this rogue socialogical experiment is simple. Sometime back I realized I was not getting the best deals because all my banking requirements where with one bank. I was reasonably satisfied till I found I was loosing out. Is Goog likely to be my information bank in that sense? That’s why I consider this experiment to be important.

Note: My experiment has begun. I have changed the default search engine on my laptop to Yahoo. To be fair, the home page has been changed to Next step. See how I can view my blog feeds on some non Goog platform. I am wondering which one. Information Cold-Turkey?? Looks like fun!!!

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