How your mobile transformed into a smartphone over 2000-2010

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If the laptops were becoming smarter, the phones were not stagnant either. In fact, incrementally, cameras started coming fitted onto the mobiles. I recall this Gartner forecast in 2006, whose title reads :

“Gartner Says Nearly 50 Percent of Worldwide Mobile Phones Will Have a Camera in 2006 and 81 percent by 2010”


In fact, the camera is not the only thing that happened to your mobile phone in that decade. Lets look at how the phone has come along.


Evolution of Mobiles

To a person who has had a phone over the last decade and upgraded (lets say) every two years, this change came in so smoothly that chances are, nothing significantly different was felt. But, if you are a forty plus generation today, chances are that you were left out of this change completely. Today’s digital refugee uses a mobile phone for voice conversations, text messages and emails. A small percentage of them use it for Twitter and Facebook. That’s it. Are you one such digital refugee? Well, don’t blame it on your BlackBerry habit.

You perhaps never realized that today’s 60 plus generation adapted to mobile phones quite well and many of them have decided that voice (and text) are the only two uses of the phone.

Device level changes vs. Supporting Infrastructure: Somewhere in the middle of the decade, we opted to switch on the 2G data services on the phone. By now, our phone could store 500 addresses(an index of storage capacity), had a 1.3-1.5 megapixel camera, supported BlueTooth links for short distance voice and file transfer.

Initially we used it for email, either over BlackBerry devices, or over Symbian based phones that installed Gmail client and took ages to open an email, reminding of the old dial-up days of the nineties.  The new device was just waiting to be born. In the next edition, we look at the apps era.

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