Me at the Controls of an aircraft

Filed Under (General Jazz) by Rajesh Kumar on 15-04-2010

No, I have not trained and become a pilot, much as I would like to. I recently visited Hindustan University to attend a programme. I was pleasantly surprised to see a simulator and when invited to try my hands, I could not say no. The simulator is configured to give an experience of flying a Cessna. The computer is programmed to simulate and experience of a real airport and there is a giant screen in front. With some difficulty, my craft took off. As I flew for few minutes, I felt confident and decided to make a landing. I took a U turn, located the landing strip (had a ‘visual’), and then lowered the height gradually. The landing was less than perfect, but I sure had a great time. I even loved the sound that plays in the audio to compliment the flying experience.



In those few minutes behind the control, my respect for men and women who pilot us in the commercial flights went up several time. Next time I get a bumpy landing, I am going to take it easy – I now know it is tough!

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