Maggi Club takes on the online customer engagement challenge

Filed Under (Marketing) by Rajesh Kumar on 01-07-2008

Maggi Club, which was a portal targeted at Maggi’s most potent supporters- kids in the pre teens, teens and immediate post teens - has moved from its earlier location to its new one – a discovery I made via a recent pack. Strangely, Nestle India’s website site continues to mention the old site, which is now non-existent, though the domain is registered to Nestle. Maybe they want to use it in some other geography – my guess is USA. The new site has an India specific extension, which means it may come up higher in searches done from India, which is the target market of Nestle India. Smart.

The west had its concept of communities of customers/ influencers from fairly long – who does not recall the Harley Davidson case study. Very few companies in India have created communities around consumers/influencers. Even fewer have successfully harnessed the power of net in doing so. One exception is  Sunsilk using community power  to generate word of mouth activation and to maintain a live recall.

Having lived in hostels for years where Maggi was a refuge from an atrocious meal in the dining room, a quick answer to late night hunger, (and a way to socialize too!) I really wanted to explore Maggi Club – sadly I found I could not register (One has to be between 10 and 23 years of age, I won’t tell you which side I am on!).

The registration is basic, the site asks for your postal address though(‘database’?), and also even before your email id is verified (not a good thing actually), you’re in.

It has some well thought out features such as crossword, quiz-of-the-day, contests, opinion poll, discussion groups, activity book, etc and a hall of fame to highlight those having high points.  The content appears very well thought out and the layout is simple.  I just hope the site owners have a content rotation plan in place, to make sure the users keep coming back.  It also has a way of doing the word of mouth trick by a feature wherein users get points for spread word about the community. Very clever indeed.  The whole thing appears a seamless continuation of the Maggi experience – easy and tasteful.  The content is also diverse and sufficient enough to engage the users for a while. On the whole Maggi Club comes out with a good rating in my view.  The only irritant is that the site does not easily show up in search yet. On the whole Maggi Club is a very smart differentiator for engaging the target segment on an ongoing basis.

Other product sites:

1. – Cadbury’s – very thin content, falls far short of a ‘community’.

2. / – Not so sure where this is.

3.       Harley Owners Group - You guessed it.


Pessimists may point out about the pathetic net penetration in India, remember that this was the word that could aptly describe the state of telephone infrastructure few years back. No more. Learn, adapt react.Virtual is already real. The world is community before you know it.


  1. All trademark belong to their respective owners. 
  2. Yes, you know that already – I love Maggi too, you have a problem?i!
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