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Information Overload? Look at this Video

Written by Rajesh Kumar on November 18, 2008 – 10:59 am

I am no great fan of pre-stitched clothes. I prefer the old Indian way of buying the dress material from one shop and then going to my favourite tailor, who would usually give my trousers or shirt after a week or two, depending on his load. Everytime he insists on talking out an old notebook that has the age old measurements,which he compares with real measurements and writes again on another sheet of paper before stapling it onto the dress material and lobbing across to someone in the mezzanine.  I keep wondering why the old ‘master’ refers to the age old measurements at all, especially when it takes in more than few minutes locating the wrinkled & dirty notebook with my records! I have given this suggestion to the ‘master’ quite a few times, but that gives considerable discomfort to him. Is the old ‘master’ Prisoner of information insecurity??

I noticed an excellent slideshow on YouTube via Edelman Digital blog. It is quite an eye opener on the kind of information overload we are suffering. Perhaps not just suffering, but the mindless bytes of data we are creating all around.


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2 Comments to “Information Overload? Look at this Video”

  1. GiridharNo Gravatar Says:

    Yes, the information overload is there.. and i am trying to cope up with it right from the day i was born… its become an order of life for everyone..

    btw.. the presentation was fantastic….nice vdo and good that u shared it…

  2. GeetaNo Gravatar Says:

    The tragedy of course is, with all this access to information at trillionths of seconds we couldn’t detect or stop an attack by 10 guys who came in a dinghy right in the presence of all those numbers of people.

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