Hickory Dickory Shock by Gorai Captures Drama Around IT Workplace Beautifully

Filed Under (Business Books) by Rajesh Kumar on 24-12-2010

If you use these terms everyday without taxing your brain too much -  terms such as Conference Calls, Cost overrun, tele-presence, Toll Gate Review, Version Control, Source Code, Transitioning, handholding, Resource Crunch, firewall, Revised Estimate, Loop me in, Attrition, Involuntary Attrition, Calendar Request,  Mentoring (or lack of it!), Wrong Version, Knowledge Management, Efficiency, my client, Productivity, start performer, Tools, Please Revert, working from home (really, dude?), Non-billable, solutioning, architecture, Reality Check, Change Request, Frankfurt, Senior Lead, Timesheet, industry experience, relevant experience, domain knowledge, Code Drop, thought leadership, Next Build, we’ll take care in next appraisal, Delivery Head (OMG! This designation rightfully belongs to the lead gynecologist in the town hospital but then industry has stolen it!!), Six Sigma, resolution, Client call (WTF!), KT, Access Control, Reverse KT and so on – then you have truly arrived to be a part of the IT industry. Not just that – you are condemned to be part of it for your life, which you deserve by now!



Industry veteran Sundip Gorai (IIT KGP, IMT Ghaziabad) has woven everyday incidences of this industry into a beautiful thriller that has some ordinary looking characters doing some extraordinary things, such as code theft, sabotage, murder, snooping, applying principles of Vedic mathematics, Fibbonacci sequence (brush up your math!) and the eventual solution of the mystery by a ‘techie’. Then there are  some not so ordinary looking characters in this story who not just do corporate fraud, but their scam gets in public domain exactly on 7th Jan 2009. And it all happens in a company named Shivan Computers, whose CEO is one Raja Reddy of Hyderabad. Rings a bell? The beauty of this book is its ability to string together the granular detail and the amount of research undergone in it. If you ever read a spy novel, this is the time to read it in Indian context. And please don’t blame me for the rushing adrenalin.

Grab a copy as soon as you can with all my recommendations. The book has hit the stores at just the right time as we all find ourselves in the vacation mood. LoRD, are you following this?

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