Goodbye Dr Prahalad. A Reader will miss you.

Filed Under (Op-Ed) by Rajesh Kumar on 19-04-2010

Dr C.K.Prahalad is no more. One had taken it for granted that he would keep coming out with one masterpiece of a book after another for eternity. Sadly, we make the same mistake of underestimating fate again and again.

I could hardly bring myself to agree to the idea of BOP in the way and manner I read it in the book. Angered, I made this post titled Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid – What I liked what I didn’t. Till I saw CK’s present this very convincingly at an event in Chennai. It changed my idea somewhat.

The New Age of Innovation, IMHO, was a bigger paradigm changer, though BOP got far greater popular acclaim. I felt that at least in part was due to the anecdotes on very popular brands in India in BOP. I felt that The New Age of Innovation should be a mandatory read for all CXOs, because, IMHO, the book sought to bring IT out of the closet to the boardroom. A path breaking idea, because I have myself seen how many a CXOs (except for the CTO and the CIO) think IT is a non-core and back room item.  I had even raised the question why modern day managers are scared of technology. My broader views on the New Age of Innovation were captured in this post here.

At Pan IIT 2008, I happened to watch Dr CKP. moderate a panel discussion involving some Tata group CEOs. At the end of the discussion, I managed to seek Dr C.K. Prahalad’s autograph on my copy of the New Age of Innovation.  I thought I would be the only one who has brought his copy, I found a dozen or so folks had done so. He asked me why I liked the book. I replied saying that this is the only mainstream management book that talks about IT. He looked at me straight and half dismissively said,”Yeah?”. My (then) seven year old daughter tried to take a picture and below is my treasure.



R.I.P Dr Prahalad. Let the debates started by you rage on. We will miss you.

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