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Found Myself on TV

Written by Rajesh Kumar on April 3, 2010 – 11:51 am

This particular clip covers Milagrow’s distinguished CEO and and transformational business leader Rajeev Karwal at the unique CSR activity, called Venture Doctors. The programme shows a short clip of a MSME entrepreneur taking Rajeev’s advice on his business venture ( a sort of Shaadi. com for rural masses). Once a month, all consultants in the company devote their time for counselling such MSME Entrepreneurs. To my mind, this is the most unique CSR one can think of. I am proud to have devoted few days of my time to this activity and what a happiness one gets!

Coming back to the clip. The visiting crew also decided to take a short clipping of some of us, and I found myself in the final clip that went on air. I realized in the process that speaking business in Hindi is far tougher than running a Hindi blog! Take look!!




To me, having worked with Rajeev and participated in Venture Doctors is the quiet reward for me. That I feature in the clip is incidental.

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2 Comments to “Found Myself on TV”

  1. Raman Kaul Says:

    Excellent. It is nice to get media exposure like that. Congratulations!
    For some reason, I had not seen the CNEB channel before. Took a look at their website too and was surprised to see that the website of this Hindi channel is mainly in Hindi.
    Rajiv seems to have a good hold on Hindi. Does he blog in Hindi too?

  2. Rajesh Kumar Says:

    @Raman: Rajeev is one of the rare business leaders who can give a talk or even a keynote in Hindi without compromising the content. I have seen it myself. He does not have a Hindi blog yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts one some day and does it better than most.

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