Forrester VP Feels Indians Wasting Time in Research, Thank You

Filed Under (People) by Rajesh Kumar on 08-08-2008

In India we are not unused to being reminded by a section of the Western commentators about how poor, dirty, over populated and kind of burden-of-the-world  we are- the BBC is a living example, its TV reporters seemingly have to file reports only when there’s a cow or a drain behind, at least a child with a running nose( and Nizamuddin Nalla seems a favourite)! The Beeb is not alone.

A leading research analyst at Forrester, Navi Radjou while proposing ‘India’s Interdependence’ this year, has this to say

"To put it more bluntly, India just can’t keep inventing locally when it comes to massive socio-economic problems such as illiteracy, the energy crunch, wobbly infrastructure, and its dismal healthcare system"

(Read Mr. Radjou’s recipe for India at Harvard Business Publishing article).

Thanks Mr. Radjou. Looking at your frustration about Indians ‘inventing locally’ somehow I feel it is good you went away from the land of your birth. Must be quite a relief- Mutual.

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