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Every Dog Has His Day - II

Written by Rajesh Kumar on December 5, 2008 – 6:57 pm

Continued from part I.

Those who do not know, the Canine Caucus of Peninsular India was in emergency session to discuss matters of urgent canine concern. To participate in this meeting, all dogs, pets, street, and uncared alike, had run away from their homes. Lunata, the bitch was incharge of canine defence was the next to begin. She was furious and began without much ado. “We must not forget that the first life to be lost in the Man-pen at Mumbai Taj was a member of this community. Fellow canines, we must remember that man is collectively territorial given that it has things such as ‘countries’, it has its own limitations. Moreover, in matters of loyalty, we must rate man at par with ants and termites. we must therefore, rely on a member of this community to extract a suitable revenge as per canine law”, said the hon’ble canine defence councilor. Then she let off a series of barks, which given the undulations in her voice, appeared to represent anger and resolve in equal measure.  The dogs applauded, “wuf, wuf”.

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