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Every Dog Has His Day!

Written by Rajesh Kumar on December 4, 2008 – 5:14 pm



The Canine Caucus of Peninsular India was in emergency meeting. The mood was indignant and unforgiving. “We must teach these humans a lesson”, barked hound Tommy, the usually quiet member of the society. “What do they really think of themselves?”, he wondered, with his right paw pointing towards a human settlement, otherwise called a city. “Wuf, wuf”, agreed all other dogs in the audience.  Tommy was a Boxer, gray, and had a business line look on his face. He concluded, “And with this friends, I hand over the session to our councilor responsible for public hygiene to elaborate his vision for 2009. Dogs and Bitches, here’s Jacky.” They clasped hands and Jacky the Terrier began his bitching.

In line with the code of the Canine Caucus, it was completely unacceptable to call anyone to deliver a speech, since it was an expectation in the canine community that they were hear to discuss facts and plans, and not fiction. Or dog bark human talk if you like.

Jacky began slowly.”We must ask the municipality to invest substantially in our human free area programme.In light of the new research that has emerged recently, we must also do all within our means to discourage our members from keeping humans as their pets. And more so in homes which have growing pups, so that they do not catch infections or pick up bad words. The new human pet policy will allow humans in dog pens only if their enclosures are at least thirty feet away from the nearest dog pens. Further, the license will require you to take humans for neurological exam twice a year, in addition to the prescribed shots. If there is any evidence of mental activity in any human, the law would require that such human must immediately be moved of dog pens in accordance with the law. Such humans, it goes without saying, are considerable risk to the dog society”.

End of Part 1. To be continued, hopefully, all of December. In celebration of you know what.

Part II here

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