Who says social media is not in yet?

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Before you begin reading, dispel the notion that anything social in 2008 need to be online.
I am sitting in the Tidel Park Conference room here in Chennai waiting for the CII Connect 2008 Unconference to begin. Though several biggies are expected here, including Ms Kanimozhi, Member of Parliament and several corporate honchos, the atmosphere here would devastate a conformist. The tables are arranged in U-shape, but instead of the central space being used for a speaker to stand, there are folks sitting with laptops. The audience is a mix of youth and experience, and truly, a flat format conference is about to begin.

The debate about to begin is on Technology for the Common Man

Hello, it is 5.30 PM and the event is on. The ‘VIPs’ are all there, but no Kingsize chairs, no elevated platforms.

For a change, it is the audience that is speaking and the guests are waiting for their turn. The mike does not come automatically to them, but only when they ask for it, and even then the time allotted to them is the same , which is one minute
Siddharth has an interesting Flickr stream here

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