Banking is a complicated business.

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Take it easy, this is humour. At least attempted humour.

So many things are happening around banks these days.

The Placement In-charge of Jhumritiliya School of Management Education has reportedly gone to the press saying that in the light of the Lehman collapse, chances of all students getting placed could not be expected to reach cent per cent. No one has bothered to ask him if they ever managed to get few companies over.

Even the banks of the Kosi river broke four weeks before the banks in US went broke.

A leading politician of one of India’s eastern states famous for strikes has reportedly issued a statement that this collapse is due to the rigid and unfriendly stand of the state government. She and her followers have gone to her latest fast unto death. The state government has instead stated that this is American conspiracy against the people of the state. And no matter what, they would continue to maintain their people friendly policies for the ongoing growth of the state.

Dictators of Africa have already thanked their grandfathers for giving them the good sense of stashing their wealth in Swiss Banks. 

Dictators of South Asia, present and past, are already having hush-hush conferences, saying one should never bank on Americans. And they are kicking themselves for this – wishing they had realized before being thrown out of power.

Patrons of the blood bank are curiously trying to understand the meaning of the headline on the billboard outside the stock exchange that said Tokyo to New York,  there’s Bloodbath on the banks.

Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank got further worked up and issued a kilo-trillion currency note in anger.

The health minister of a foreign country is understood to have decreed that the sperm bank would not be called so, but now be known as Sperm Depository. Obviously, the minister does not want the citizens of the country to feel there is any shortage.

PJ of the day :Shopping Malls have renamed boards saying Elevator Bank to Elevator Station to make the patrons comfortable. Trigger: An old couple deciding to walk out of an elevator after seeing a made in USA sign. They had read somewhere that American banks are collapsing.

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