Anyone Read Tapscott’s Macrowikinomics?

Filed Under (Business Books) by Rajesh Kumar on 13-01-2011

Normally, it is me who is dishing out my unsolicited judgment on books that are on my shelf, or that of my friends and colleagues. This time I am soliciting your advice on what you think of Dan Tapscott’s latest book Macrowikinomics. Just to refresh, he’s the same guy who wrote that classy eye opener – Wikinomics on mass collaboration. To delve a few inches deeper into your memories, he’s the one who orginally reported the Canadian Goldcorp example on mass collaboration in Wikinomics (It has been repeated in so many times in classrooms and forums that I feel he out to start charging license fee from speakers to use them!). While Wikinomics according to me was an absolute delight, what did you guys think of Macrowikinomics?

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