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Rajesh Kumar has been blogging for last few years. He predominantly writes on Business Books, Business issues in general, marketing, and sometimes on anything else that agitates him. His all time hit posts are those around Abdul Kalam – he continues to be a fan of Kalam and he’s amazed by the interest this former president of ours continues to generate.  Rajesh lives in Chennai, TN, India.

Rajesh is a graduate of IMT Ghaziabad, B.I.T Sindri and Kendriya Vidyalaya Andrewsganj, New Delhi. Rajesh loves to connect with people so feel free to drop in a line at rajeshblue [at ] If you believe in Twitter, an ocassional tweet from me can be heard at

Rajesh works for an exciting company called Defiance Tech in Marketing, but the views on this blog are his personal expressions.

This blog was earlier located here.

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About Rajesh Kumar. Rajesh is based in Chennai, where he works for Defiance Technologies in Marketing. The views on this blog are his own. Rajesh Kumar