Abhinav Bindra's Olympic Gold Medal and Indian Mamis!

Filed Under (People) by Rajesh Kumar on 11-08-2008

As news of Abhinav Bindra getting India’s first ever individual Gold Medal spread, the following conversation was heard between two ladies, respectfully called Mamis for their tradition oriented leanings. They had a bewildered look about them:

Mami A -"Why have they given Gold medal to a this guy, da?"

Mami B – "Yeah, what will a man do with Gold? "

Mami A- "Maybe gift it to his wife"

Mami B – "Look at the size of the Gold (looking salivatingly at Abhinav Bindra’s picture, but not at him, but the Gold medal in his hands)"

Mami A- "A nice necklace can be made out of it"

Mami B -"Must be five sovereigns"

Mami A- "Really?!"

Mami B- "Then earrings can come out too"

Mami A- "Yes, but he’d have to give another five sovereigns for a good set to be made"

Mami B -"Its Olympics no, jeweler won’t cheat "

Mami A -"Would it be Chinese?"

Mami B – "No, 22 carats, I’m sure"

Mami A – "He should give this to a decent jeweler, otherwise they’d mix the Gold . My amma knows the thatha who runs that Gold shop where I bought this"

At this point a male listener, who for privacy reasons cannot be identified interrupted. He was struggling hard to control his internal agitation to join this conversation.

Male A -"What do you ladies think he’s that mad that he’d melt his Gold medal for his wife? Do know the value of that medal?"

Mami A – "Good idea, maybe he should keep it for his daughter’s wedding. His wife would be already having Gold, no?"

Mami B – "My husband also got Gold medal. From Madras University".


Note: Pun Intended. All resemblances are purely coincidental.

Abhinav Bindra’s Blog here.

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